simple rituals
weird shapes
our marks
our spots
our passing minutes
moving bodies
growing from seeds
clusters of nothing
beating hearts
hard skulls
points in time
time is nothing
quick moments
repetitive beats
circles around circles
end over end
again and again
sheltering in skin
strange decisions
single decisions
single stages
birth, life, death
simple rituals
said and unsaid
never and always
bits of ink
bits of life
grains of sand
temporary stars in the sky
here for a millisecond
dirt on the ground
we are all specks of dust


this morning,
the sun rose early,
hungover from the night before.
this morning,
he fled quickly,
uttering to himself – ‘no more’.
carriages speed past
outside our darkened windows.
we must go, now.
there is no time to wait
– come with us.


where the world falls naturally
a rotting vine
and its pricks of detail
the layers of these mountains
in front of my eyes
like theatrical scenes
– have i really seen them?
do i know them
do they know me


my heart –
it’s up there
it soars
on the wings of birds

my eyes –
they already circle
tiny movements
that you haven’t yet noticed

these fabrics –
that hold memories
infinite catalogues of stories…
they send shivers down my spine

these moments
of breath –
they are still to me

this is how i see