Bursting 900
This is my new blog. Hello.

I’ve been writing my thoughts down since I was old enough to hold a pen, and I’ve been blogging for three years. I also spent the last decade working in digital marketing which means that the process of writing for me can actually be two opposing things.

As a poet I write to escape, to look closer at the world and dissect as much of this existence as I can. I can’t explain in this blog post what being alive means to me, but as soon as I take away the structure of sentences, take away any rules at all, I feel I can see things around me that others can’t, or don’t. There are things bubbling away underneath the surface that make my heart beat and send shivers down my spine.

Because I have worked in communications for most of my adult life, writing also means – what I am starting to do now right now… I’m forming a story, I’m starting new paragraphs, I’m making sure that I make sense, I’m writing for an audience, you, the reader.

I used to run an award-winning blog that had a very specific readership. I also write articles for other magazines and websites, I devise marketing copy for organisations and their digital platforms. This Autumn, I started writing poetry and thoughts for the first time in years and quickly realised that there are creative words and ideas inside me bursting to come out, like a virus escapes the body. I want to blog and not give a shit about: SEO, image sizes, structure, posting on Instagram at the right time of the day, who the fuck is reading what I have to say and what the fuck they think.

All of that stuff is really important in today’s world, and extremely important for many of the clients I work for and write for. But the time has come for me to let loose, for myself.

This blog has no theme. One day I might write about witchcraft, and the next, long walks, arts and crafts, photography, travel, or whatever takes my fancy. As bloggers, people, we change and grow every single day. There are so many new things to explore in this world, and I become more wide-eyed with each moment that passes. I want to taste it all. I cannot be categorised. This is not about the followers, the readers (sorry), the brand collaborations, a consistent filter, a social strategy or any best practices. The photo at the top of this blog does not match the content. This is not neat. This is not seamless. This is the inside of my messy head.

This has not been edited. I shan’t be adding tags to this, or hyperlinks, or keywords.  I have written this from start to finish and I shall click publish any second. I shall take each day at a time, and see what else inside me is bursting to come out.

Photo by Lewis David Membery.